Heating Services Stockport

Heating Services Stockport

At Synergy Heat, we’re dedicated to making your home or business a warm and cosy haven. Our heating services are designed to cater to your unique needs and preferences, ensuring that you enjoy a consistently comfortable environment throughout the year.

When it comes to heating solutions, Synergy Heat stands out for our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With our diverse range of services, you can create a tailored heating system that meets your unique requirements. Our team of experts are ready to assist you in choosing the right combination of radiators, smart controls, and underfloor heating to achieve optimal comfort and energy efficiency in your home.

Tailored Central Heating Systems

We understand that no two spaces are the same. That’s why we offer expert assistance in designing and installing central heating systems that perfectly match your requirements. Whether it’s for your home or business, our solutions are customised to provide efficient and reliable heating using either radiators or underfloor heating.

Say goodbye to cold spaces and excessive energy bills, and embrace a warmer, more cost-effective future. Contact us now to explore our product range and find the perfect heating solution for your home.

Elevate Your Comfort with Our Comprehensive Heating Services

Are you tired of dealing with chilly winters and soaring energy bills? Look no further than Synergy Heat’s cutting-edge heating systems. Our comprehensive range of services, including radiator repairs and replacements, smart controls, and underfloor heating, will transform your home into a cosy and energy-efficient haven.

Radiator Replacements & Repairs: Efficient and Stylish Heating Solutions

Is it time to replace your old, corroded radiators? We offer affordable solutions, starting from just £135, which includes the cost of brand-new radiators, valves, and labour. Our skilled team can efficiently replace your radiators, ensuring high-quality workmanship and minimal disruption to your daily routine.


Looking to install radiators in a new location? We’ve got options starting at £285, which include new radiators, valves, and labour. You can also explore our designer radiators, adding a touch of contemporary or traditional design to any room.


Don’t wait until your old radiators start to leak due to corrosion. We recommend timely replacement to maintain the efficiency and comfort of your heating system.

Smart Controls: Take Control of Your Comfort

Smart controls put the power of heating control in your hands. From your tablet or smartphone, you can create and automate heating and hot water schedules no matter where you are. They also adapt to external weather conditions, optimising your heating system for efficiency and savings.

These devices learn your preferences, automatically adjusting when your heating needs to come on and off. With features like geolocation, pipe protection, and smart boost, they prevent issues and reduce costs. Whether you prefer voice commands or smartphone apps, you have complete control from anywhere.


Embrace Cosy Comfort With Underfloor Heating

Imagine stepping onto a warm floor on a cold winter morning. With our underfloor heating services, this luxurious experience becomes a reality. Our underfloor heating systems provide gentle warmth from below, eliminating the need for radiators and maximising the available space in your rooms.

Enjoy the ultimate comfort as your entire floor becomes a source of cosy heat, creating a welcoming ambience throughout your home.

Enhance Energy Efficiency and Reduce Costs

At Synergy Heat, we prioritise energy efficiency to help you reduce your carbon footprint and lower your heating expenses. Our heating systems utilise advanced technologies to optimise energy usage and minimise heat loss.

By investing in our products, you not only enhance your comfort but also contribute to a greener future.

Contact us today to get started!